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Security is a great concern to most people, whether you reside in a busy city, a small town or even a rural farm community. You would like to believe that you and your family are immune from the terrible crimes that continue to plague this world. Are you willing to take that chance with the lives of your family, or with the business you built from scratch?

The wireless surveillance camera has definitely evolved within the last few years. Unless you have recently shopped for or purchased a camera, you may not be aware of the vast improvements made to the wireless cameras. The resolution has improved greatly and the transmission has become more powerful. Transmission ranges depend on the frequency, the antenna and the power output. Some of the first-rate receivers are approved by the FCC and include built-in directional antenna, manual channel switcher and video outputs.

They offer flexibility that you just will not find with a wired security camera. Although a color camera provides a more recognizable image, the black and white camera affords a superior quality in low light conditions. In addition to the high caliber video, most of these outdoor security cameras are weatherproof and tamper-proof, which makes them excellent choices to protect your home or business.

Simplistic installation is another advantage of a wireless system. Mount the camera in the preferred location, and plug the receiver into a TV if you would like to view the images live. If you would prefer to record them to watch at a later time, plug the receiver into a recording device. The older models needed a direct line of sight between the camera and the receiver; however the new models can penetrate walls up to 2 feet thick.

There has been much advancement made to the wireless security systems within the past 3 years, and no doubt that will continue to be the case. Don't take a chance on the security of your loved ones. You will be pleasantly surprised with the affordability as well as the reliability of the current models of outdoor wireless cameras on the market today.

How to use 2 component cables with only one compnent port?

Ive got a ps3 and a xbox 360 but my tv only has one compnent port that supports both video and sound. Meaning it has the blue,green, and red ports but it also has separate ports for audio, so how can i use both consoles component cables at the same time? Thanks.

Get a video switcher like this one http://www.amazon.com/Cables-Go-40324-Component-Performance/dp/B000AM3U2I/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1310236884&sr=8-9

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